Welcome to Thunder Valley Stables – Where Equine Passion Meets Mastery

About Us

Nestled in the heart of horse country, Thunder Valley Stables is dedicated to advancing the art of equestrianism and celebrating the noble steed. With years of experience in horsemanship, our experts provide a sanctuary for both horse and rider, cultivating an environment of learning, growth, and mutual respect.

About Us

Our Services

Horse Training

From green horses to those needing a tune-up, our trainers employ gentle, effective techniques to ensure they’re arena-ready

Riding Lessons

Catering to riders of all levels – beginner to advanced. We focus on both English and Western styles of riding.

Horse Boarding

Spacious stalls, regular vet checks, and a team of dedicated staff ensure your horse receives top-notch care.

Breeding Program

Featuring some of the region’s top bloodlines, our breeding program strives for excellence in conformation, temperament, and athletic ability.

Events and Clinics

Events and Clinics

Throughout the year, Thunder Valley Stables hosts various clinics led by renowned equestrian experts and competitions to showcase the prowess of both horse and rider.